I sat down to watch the BBC news this morning at 6 o’clock as I usually do.

The first headline was about Bournemouth and the second was about Liverpool.

I was shocked to see video footage of thousands of holiday makers enjoying themselves on a very crowded beach.

Such behaviour spitting in the eye of our saviour; no better or worse than a thief wiping it from his eye with an infected handkerchief.

Then, on to the screen came video footage of groups of passionate Liverpool fans, some having imbibed alcohol,

jumping up and down outside Anfield stadium celebrating their team’s league title success.

Not one person seemingly looking to care less about the possibility of catching or spreading Corona virus.

All caught up in the moment with Corona at the back of their minds making them vulnerable, more or less.

Ordinarily, these are two very different news stories, but because of the times they have a commonality.

In both cases I could see no masks on faces and no social distancing taking place.

Too many people and not enough space on the beach to put any more distance between bodies other than an arm’s reach.

But how can these people learn the lessons that will keep themselves and other safe when the teachers that should be teaching them cannot teach.

When teaching something new, in my mind there needs to be a connection with the old, some consolidation and plenty of review.

Unfortunately, these people we call our leaders cannot teach the masses, they can only preach because they are themselves in need of taking some

classes to learn how to understand their own points of view.

I found it interesting, but not suprizing that the Bournemouth story focused of irresponsibility whilst the Liverpool story seemed to more focus on acceptability.

I feel both news stories clearly show an equal lack of awareness, common sense and responsibility and both stories should have been reported in such a manner, but they weren’t.

For some reason, the team on top of the premiership at the end of the football season were not subjected to any negative comments at all about the lessons their fans clearly have not learnt.

Just because a soccer team wins a league championship doesn’t mean the rules do not apply, but it felt that way and that’s why things will not improve if this is how we continue to perform.

The Corona virus has never been allowed to go away, it’s still with us and Liverpool won’t be celebrating any more league premiership wins if we don’t all quickly learn to conform.



A reflective poem by Stephen Austwick.