Nowt means nothing by itself, but with summat it means something

Hello and welcome to another offering of my weekly blog. I hope you are all fighting fit and still kicking the part of the body that most of us tend to place onto a toilet seat and do what comes naturally, I suppose I could just say what I really want to say without beating around the proverbial bush, actually I will, kicking ass, there you go I […]

Dancing to the music of risk

Hi again to you all out there and I hope the following contribution to my blog finds you happy, well and somewhat satisfied with your life in general. I know a lot of people say the same thing, but as long as your health’s good, your happy on yourself, and you have a supportive and loving family that you can go home to at the end of every […]

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Deducing Loose

Hi and I hope all is well at what ever end of the mortal coil you happen to be parking your person in. We’ve had a couple of earthquakes again recently here in Japan, which always reminds the ones amongst us that were here in during the last disaster that at any time we are very vulnerable, which I have to say constantly keeps you on your toes […]

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Personalizing Poetry

Hello to you all out there wherever you are, and I hope all is well with you. I’m actually leaving Japan for a few days from tomorrow, I have to take my mum back to the UK. I’m quite relieved that the weather over in the UK has improved a bit, the thought of my mum going back to minus whatever number environment was not something I […]

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Shitie for shortie (It’s an abbreviation, it’s not meant as an evaluation)

Hi to all of you out there yet again. What a wreaker of a week it’s been, don’t worry I’m not going to start on a journey down toilet humour avenue, but seriously folks, for a whole number of reasons it’s been a week that I quickly want to forget. We all have such weeks,
that’s a fact, and we’ll continue to have them from time to time, we have […]

The everything about the something I know nothing about

Hi to all and everyone of you out there that is regularly dropping in and browsing over and trying to read the loosely constructed pieces of text that I am constantly trying to pass off as half decent sentences. Which I then further try to join together to create paragraphs, and if I manage to get them to that stage, they usually then have a tendency to wander off […]

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Hiroshima continued and concluded

Hi to you all out there yet again. I received one or two comments recently on the design of our blog, and I would just like to thank those people that commented positively. This is the last newsletter for a while, Christmas is quickly approaching and company holidays will be beginning soon. We will be back in January with more tales to tell and pieces of […]

Dum Dumb Dumb

Hi to you all out there in whichever part of the world you happen to be hanging your hat in.  I don’t have much of anything new to talk about, work, family, work and more work – a regular, but sort of fulfilling week for me in a funny sort of way.

I have a short poem that I would like to share with you , I hope that you […]

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Case of the Missing Kickboard (Part Two)

Hi to you all out there, is there really anybody out there????  I’m beginning to wonder –will somebody please leave a comment, anything is okay, let me rephrase that just to cover all bases, anything okay – at least let us know that what we are doing is worth something – most newsletters go out twice a month or once a month – with us it’s every week – […]

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Case of the Missing Kickboard (Part One)

Hi yet again to all of you Sagan Speak newsletter browsers, checker outer’s and those avid readers (they must exist out there) and I hope all is ticking over nicely at whatever end of the spectrum you’re bathing at.

As for me, well, nothing interesting ever really happens to me these days, partly because I don’t go out looking to get into situations that generally do tend to add that […]

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