Sitting down, looking out

This week’s installment of the newsletter is coming to you from the UK. I’ve just popped back here for a couple of days to pick up my mum and then take her to Japan to spend Christmas and New Year with me and my family and my brother and his family. She’s bought all her presents and all she needs to do now is try to fit them into her […]

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From lads and lasses to mams and dads

Hi to all out there and welcome back to my weekly offerings of good old down to earth blog. I hope you all had a good summer vacation, I know I did, although compared to most of you out there I reckon mine was a bit short, 5 days, but as usual I spent all the time with my family and made it count as best as I […]

Family is precious

I hope this meagre offering of a blog entry finds you all optimistic in life, happy in family and secure in work. As usual I’m trying to balance the amount of time I spend at work with the time I spend with my family and as always I’m struggling to to be fair to the side that matters to me the most and it’s beginning to get me […]

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Case of the Missing Kickboard (Part One)

Hi yet again to all of you Sagan Speak newsletter browsers, checker outer’s and those avid readers (they must exist out there) and I hope all is ticking over nicely at whatever end of the spectrum you’re bathing at.

As for me, well, nothing interesting ever really happens to me these days, partly because I don’t go out looking to get into situations that generally do tend to add that […]

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