Completely Blank

Hi to you all out there in the land of all that is living, where some of us are surviving, thriving, giving and naturally taking while others are surviving, thriving and taking without naturally giving, for goodnesssake, if you’re going to take without giving then in my book that’s an unacceptable way of living, and you’re not entitled to a piece of my anthropist cake. “What on earth is […]

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In advance of being late

Hi to you all out there wherever you are or wherever you would like to be. I’m coming to you a bit early this week, which is a bit rare. I have quite a few things to do this week and tomorrow is a no-no blogging day for me. I’m usually rushing to get what I’m bashing away trying to put together now out by my […]

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Life is a four letter word

Hi everybody and welcome to my weekly blog. I hope you are all well and life is treating you as such. I’ve had a bit of a busy day today and I don’t have much in the way of thinking matter and finger fused tapping energy left in me, so the only thing I can just about manage is a short piece of something that I’m not […]

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Nowt means nothing by itself, but with summat it means something

Hello and welcome to another offering of my weekly blog. I hope you are all fighting fit and still kicking the part of the body that most of us tend to place onto a toilet seat and do what comes naturally, I suppose I could just say what I really want to say without beating around the proverbial bush, actually I will, kicking ass, there you go I […]

Writing to the clock

Hello and welcome to another weekly offering of all things I consider worthy of blogging about which these days tends to be either family related or based on some personal observation that I’ve made based on someone doing something or something just plain old happening in this wacky world that we all live in. This week I’m hitting you a bit earlier than usual as I have a […]

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Workends lends itself to Fridays

Hello, Hi, Hey, Konnichiwa, Ciao, Appakabar, Zaoan and a host of other ways to begin a letter with a greeting that I have yet to learn, so for the ones reading this newsletter that I have left out, which could potentially be thousands of people, all I can say is Excuse me, Sorry, Soz, Sumimassen, Mi dispiace, Maaf, duìbùqǐ, anyway enough of that, how are you all?

Well, I […]

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Illegitimate Obligation

Hi to you all out there in parts of the world that I have and haven’t yet ventured to and I hope all is well with you. I would first of all like to thank the people that commented on the poem last week – one or two English teachers actually contacted my company by phone. My colleague who answered the phone ended up having two SHITIE […]

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Shitie for shortie (It’s an abbreviation, it’s not meant as an evaluation)

Hi to all of you out there yet again. What a wreaker of a week it’s been, don’t worry I’m not going to start on a journey down toilet humour avenue, but seriously folks, for a whole number of reasons it’s been a week that I quickly want to forget. We all have such weeks,
that’s a fact, and we’ll continue to have them from time to time, we have […]

Wheeling forward into the past

Wheeling forward into the past

The passing stare that is wheeled onwards.
Slowed only by the glance of a time awoken.
On an aged, but pleasant face.

The gasp of not too many more breaths remaining and a flutter of the heart.
At the sight of a memory still prevailing.
I looked back and for a moment we were together as one.
In her time, my time, and in the time already thought of, lived in, […]

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