I hope life is treating you with respect wherever you may be spending your hard earned weekly or monthly pay packets. Here I am back again with another offering of blog musing and a spot of poetic meandering. I have been feeling a bit under the weather recently and I’m not quite sure if it is because I’m rapidly approaching the big five O, yes 50 years old or whether I have some incurable disease that I will probably end up dying a slow and painful death from. This is not meant to be a muse on sickness and then death, although ultimately it is connected, it’s just that I have been feeling a little lethargic of late, losing my balance, experiencing earaches, ringing and pressure in the ears, feeling faint – I actually thought my time had come the other day because I felt so lightheaded and the ringing in my ears intesified so much I thought I was just passing through the pearly gates – it was a bit frightening. Also, when I got home last night, my wife was screwing up some plastic wrapping paper ready to throw in the bin and as she was screwing it up the sound of the paper being crinkled and scrunched up was making me feel lightheaded and nauseaus, I had to sit down and take 5. A little later on after I had chewed a few things over in my mind and tried to rationalise what may be wrong with me, I did, as most of us do, switched on the computer and got onto the internet to check out my symptoms and it seems I could have an array of things the matter with me. A Thyroid problem or Tinnitus jumped out at me based on what I was reading, but of course once on the net it is natural that most of us check out other possibilities, more frightening ones, and that’s when you know it’s time to switch of the computer and make a plan to visit the hospital to get properly checked out, otherwise paranoia sets in and we end up imagining all sort of things and wipping ourselves up into right state – Toshiba Hospital here I come. You can never be too careful with your health, it’s always best to go and get yourself checked out if you feel a bit under the weather – how I hope it just turns out to be the male menopause – I’ll keep you posted. Until next week, be good to yourself and those around you, and if you do happen to feel a tinge of pain that you have never experienced before, pay a visit to the place that begins with h and ends in l pronto, otherwise you may end up selling yourself short.

Symptoms of a life ill lead

I have the symptoms of a life ill lead.
I feel tired and I have a light head.
I have recently been sleeping on the floor and not in bed.
I always get home later than I should.
If my job allowed an earlier finish then of course I would
I normally don’t dine until after nine and then it’s by myself.
Eating late into the night is really not good for the health.

After eating dinner my routine begins.
I take upstairs a pair of dirty noisy skins and get them showered and into the bath.
There are always tears and laughs when my two take their baths.
My son is in the water for warming and fun.
My daughter is in the water because she ought to and she quickly gets done.
Once out of the bath she brushes her teeth and then is soon asleep.
My son on the other hand continues floating his boats and filling up and squirting his water guns.
That is until the temperature of the water in which he is dipping starts nipping him with cold.
He then knows it’s time to get out and say goodnight to the fun.
He brushes his teeth without being told and gets ready for bed by himself which is not bad for a five year old.
With both my kids in bed and out like lights, I’m back downstairs most nights.
If I read to my kids in bed then my head usually finds the the pillow either before or after reading the last page of The wind in the willows.
I don’t know how many times I have read that book to my kids, probably more than what my did did to me.
He either used to make up his own stories, read Brer Rabbit of tell me tales of Bugs Bunny.

Once dowstairs, I switch on the TV to watch the BBC news.
But it’s not long before my eyes get heavy and close out the screen in view.
With mouth wide open and the sound from my nostrils filling the air.with musical snooze.
My wife wakes me up and tells me it’s time to get back upstairs and into bed.
I do say I will and I’ll be up in a minute, but the warmth beneath me and the softness of the foam matress under my head is the arrangement that very often cancels out my marital bed.
I then wake up in the morning feeling like I haven’t been to sleep.
An ill lead life is not a healthy one to keep, not unless you want to end up permanently sick or dead.

A poem by Stephen Austwick