Dear Readers,


Welcome back to the first edition of our 2017 newsletter.  I would like to wish you all the very best for the new year ahead and I hope you will all keep clicking on to our offerings of both international, as well as domestic news stories as the weeks roll by.  There is presently quite a bit of uncertainty in the world with quite a bit more to come as the year ahead unfolds, what with all the controversy and intrigue surrounding the new president of America soon to be taking up his position in the White House; England’s finest politicians busy arguing amongst themselves and with certain government appointed officials about how best to negotiate the best possible deal for either a soft exit or a hard one when most of said politicians know next to bugger all about how things work around the negotiating tables in Europe, and clearly not wanting to be guided by those that do; all the conflict that is still ongoing in Syria despite a ceasefire going into effect very recently, as well as certain countries in Asia wanting to try to unleash  whatever nuclear arms inventories they happen to have in order to simply try to kill each other: with all this to think about I wonder where the world will be at this time next year.  Let’s just hope that tact and diplomacy will prevail over tactlessness and ignorance, otherwise we may very well be forced into a world war that literally will end up ending all wars because we simply will not have a planet left to live on after it’s all over.


I look forward to getting back into the swing of things hopefully next week or certainly in the coming weeks in terms of getting back to trying to write some poetry, I wasn’t feeling very poetic towards the back end of last year and I’m still not quite there yet, but I’m keen to keep trying to teach myself how to write poetry so sooner or later I’ll be back in full flow.  Until next week, look after yourselves and wrap up warm, especially if you happen to be living in Europe because it’s sooooo bloody cold there at the moment.