sblog-66Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I blogged last.  I trust all is well with you all
and that life is treating you with the utmost of respect.  I just thought I
would revisit you with a few lines just to let you know that I’m still very
much alive and kicking.  I haven’t bothered blogging due to not really
feeling like it, we all go through stages when we get disillusioned with
life and we just want to be by ourselves for a while and I’ve recently been
going through such a phase inside my bit of personal space.  I’ve tried
several times over the past weeks to sit down and write something down, but
I hit a mental block and I finally ended up just shelving or putting into my
save box whatever I’d managed to write up to the point at which I gave up,
which actually wasn’t a lot.  I’m keen to get back to writing and sharing a
bit of my poetry with you all, but it won’t be this week.  Instead,  I would
like to bring your attention to the image that you can see at the top of the
page, which actually came about quite recently after being asked by my
children to make an apple crumble.  I believe I’ve spoken about apple
crumble in the past, but for those that don’t know what an apple crumble is,
it is basically a dessert consisting of cooking apples stewed in white wine
and a bit of sugar with a crumbly soft shortbread biscuit mixture placed on
the top of the apples; it is typically eaten with custard, ice cream or
clotted cream and it’s actually quite delicious served hot or cold – as I
presently do not have the real thing at hand, please check out the following
link that I whipped off the internet:

Back to the image: well, it was created simply through putting a bit too
much white wine with the apples during the stewing time and as a result,
when I put the apples into the dish and sprinkled the crumble mixture over
the top of them and then put it into a very hot oven to bake there was some
juice overflow onto the baking tray that I usually place underneath the
crumble when it’s cooking to catch any juices that decide to escape during
the baking process.  After the crumble had finished baking I took it out of
the oven and placed it on the top of a wire rack to cool down, it was then
that I noticed the image at the top of the page that had been created by
wine infused apple juice burning itself onto the bottom of the baking tray.
I don’t exactly know what you make of it, but I found it interesting enough
to ask my wife to take a picture of it: I personally think it looks like
some sort of pouting dog, possible a poodle, with a bushy tail – what do you
make of it?  Until next week, enjoy your weekend and I may be back again
next week with something of more substance to share with you.

A short poem about a burnt image on a baking tray

A jet black image solidly burnt onto the bottom of the grey enamel baking
Caused by an overflow of hot sticky bubbling apple juice.
When I baked an apple crumble on top of it the other day it proved it had a
It saved the bottom of the oven from catching what the tray caught.
The oven looked as clean as the day it was bought.
I placed the tray into the sink and ran hot water into it and that was the
interesting bit, well at least I thought so.
The smooth wet image shined in as much as it was matt and it defined it as
being a shape worth photographing, which my wife did whilst laughing.
A poem by Stephen Austwick