Hi to all out there that will read what will shortly follow, and I hope it finds you all sound in mind and well in body. First, just a quickie about the World Cup, I managed to watch the Germany and France game from 1 o’clock this morning, a pretty boring game I have to say when compared to the earlier round games I’ve managed to catch. Germany won 1 nil, but I felt France were worth a draw and it should have gone to penalties, anyway, Germany are through to the semis where they will play Brazil so no real surprises there. Speaking of Brazil, I also saw bits of the Columbia and Brazil game, but again it was pretty boring stuff, Brazil won the game 2-1, Neymar got injured in the process which rules him out of the Germany game – will this make it easier for the Germans to get through to the final, I wonder? Holland play Costa Rica tomorrow morning from 1 o’clock and Belgium are up against Argentina from 5, I hope to be watching some better football than I did this morning. What are my predictions? Well, Holland will beat Costa Rica 3-1 and Belgium will beat Argentina 3-2, Germany will beat Brazil through a penalty shoot out, Holland will beat Belgium 2-1 and it’ll be a Germany and Holland final with Holland sneaking it from the Germans on penalties after extra time. What do you think helped to create this week’s ghostly image at the top of this blog entry? Actually, it is a pair of sports pants that I kicked off in a bit of a hurry trying to get my son Oliver into the shower. As I was about to close the shower door I looked down at my pants all crumpled up with the intention of picking them up and plonking them in the wash basket at the side of the shower door, but on looking a bit more closely I found the face you can see at the top of this blog looking back up at me and I became quite excited. I pulled Oliver over to the shower door and asked him what he could see and he said he could see a scary face, I shouted to Emma my daughter to come over and have a look and asked her the same question, “a scary face” she said. Then, wondering what all the excitement was, my wife came over to have a look and she was also interested and surprised by what she saw. As I always do in situations like this, I asked my wife to quickly get her camera, mobile phone, anything she could quickly lay her hands on that could take a picture before the image got away, and it’s a good job I did because on her way into the toilet Emma happened to kick the pants and the image was lost forever. I’m sure this little story sounds like my family is a bit wackko, but I have mentioned it on my blog before that as a family we get quite excited when we create something arty quite by accident. So the next time you kick off a pair of training pants or kick anything else off in a hurry for that matter just have a look down and see if you’ve created anything worth snapping before you pick the items off the floor and put them in the laundry basket. Art is everywhere and sometimes it just creeps up on you and gets right in your face. Until next week, keep well.