Most people in certain countries wear one,

whereas less people in other certain countries don’t.

There’s more of a reason than ever for everybody to wear a mask,

but no matter how much they are told to do so some just won’t.

Most people in other countries struggle to put one on even when they’re told it’ll save lives and prevent death.

These same people don’t like being told to follow rules,

especially when the rule makers are the rule breakers.

Breakers of rules are nothing more than fools and if not already,

they should be universally seen in such a light.

Dim rather than bright, seemingly with nothing much existing between their ears and only adept at inciting rather than allaying peoples’ ongoing fears.

We are expected to respect and follow these individuals,

these leaders of our respective countries that supposedly know what’s best.

Corona has tested us all in many ways and in general our scores have been low,

but it’s in universal leadership that almost all 1st world country leaders have failed the test.

The testing will go on and the more it does the easier it’ll become for the average Joe in the street, like me, to question the behavior of our governments’ elite.

It doesn’t make any sense to clear the streets and the premises that line them when track and trace is not properly in place.

You don’t need to say and I don’t need to ask, we just need to make sure we‘re both wearing protective face masks.

A poem by Stephen Austwick.