Today is the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.

Today is in the middle of the past and future.

The weather isn’t very pleasant today, it was less so yesterday, but it’ll be more so tomorrow.

It’s cold and dreary and like me, old and bleary eyed, more truths told than lied.

The world is full of trouble, the ruins and the ruble of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s wars.

Wars created by flawed people of power whose desire for more of it is often met by the costly sum of their own people’s lives.

I am older today than I was yesterday and younger than I will be tomorrow.

I’m behind the person in the middle of the person we both have to follow.

I’m positioned last and considered past most of the jobs I could once do and that is hard to swallow.

I told myself yesterday to do the same as I told myself today and I’ll still be telling myself tomorrow because that time has now gone away.

If tomorrow provides me with as much good luck as I had today I will remember yesterday forever.

What was said today will be said tomorrow, but in a slightly different way.

What we will understand tomorrow may be more than we understood yesterday, but it may be less than we understand today.

Yesterday I worked hard and earned my pay, today I worked less hard, but got more out of the day.

Today we still have the same issues we had yesterday and more to follow tomorrow I dare say.

It’s getting harder and harder to understand the meaning of “Tomorrow is another day”.

A poem by Stephen Austwick