Dear All,

I hope you are all well. The weekend is upon us yet again and the big question is what are you all going to do? Me, I’m off to the Pacifico Yokohama Hotel with my family to go and see some dinosaurs, apparently the big robotic T-Rex that was used to make Jurassic Park will be making its first appearance. My son Oliver is absolutely mad on anything to do with dinosaurs and fossils, definitely a paleontologist in the making, so he’s really looking forward to going, actually, so am I. My daughter on the other hand would much prefer not to go and she’s already made a point of it, but fair’s fair, Oliver won the toss or should I say he managed to beat Emma at Janken (the stone, paper, scissors game), so Pacific Yokohama here we come!. For those of you that have kids that are into dinosaurs and you are actually living in Japan, preferably in the greater Tokyo area, then please check out the following website   You can get all the information you need on here.
I’ll provide a bit of a report in the next newsletter we kick out which will be coming to you at the back end of this month. Moving on ………

“So, what’s the poem for this week about then?” “Good question! I thought I would treat you all to a poem I wrote about 6 months ago now, it’s about a couple of individuals that are for want of a better word despicable, unfortunately they are both still living with me, but I’m hoping that they’ll be moving out soon”. Until next time, keep well and if you happen to find yourself feeling a bit depressed or in a rather unfavourable situation, put pen to paper and write a poem, it helps me, you never know it just might just help you, too.

Shame on them

The blame is on them.
The two women I condemn.
No life to go home to.
No life to take back to a home that is missing the warmth of a family complete.
Only the cold bitter taste in this mouth full of hate.
The contents of which are ready to be spat out in the direction that deserves to be shown such anger and contempt.
Their backs are not straight, they are both crooked and bent.

Remembering the expressions on their faces as they got off the train.
No words were spoken only looks were exchanged, their eyes telling me they knew they were to blame.
I cannot blank their two faces out of my mind, they are the very opposite of truthful and kind.
My ability to articulate words is barely enough to express what my situation deserves.

I want to punch them senseless like a bag meant for such a purpose.
Over and over again until my senses come to me again, but will they come?
Maybe they will, if I am able to win a fight that still seems so far away from being won.
I so want to tie my family back together, get on with my life and make a fresh start.
Why am I being taken to a place I shouldn’t be going by two evil hearts?
Shame on them.

A poem by Stephen Austwick