art1-2英語:Fun Do-It-Yourself Mini Cherry Blossom Kit

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms (sakura) and cherry blossom season? That exquisite pink everywhere. Refreshing, energizing, even. It’s fun just to wander around checking out the different parks with cherry blossoms. Sadly, time flies and the petals blow away…

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy that ephemeral beauty all year round? Now you can, with the “Magic Sakura” kit. It’s very easy: First set the mini cherry blossom tree in its tray, then pour the “magic water” over the top. The sodium acetate crystallizes on the mini tree branches, and voila, you have your sakura!

We tried it out ourselves, and found that the tree started to “blossom” in one hour, and was about 70% full bloom in about three hours. It will supposedly take 10 – 12 hours to reach full bloom. Also, temperature and humidity are supposed to have an impact, with it optimally being 15 – 20 degrees Celsius. Well, we think it looks alive!

For those of you who are too busy to check the sakura blossoms this week, maybe you ought to try out “Magic Sakura”.





咲かせ方はチョー簡単! まずは付属のトレイに桜の本体をしっかり固定。その後、付属のマジックウォーターを桜の上からかけるだけだ! 酢酸ナトリウムが結晶化してサクラが咲いているように見えるのだそうな。