art2-2014-10-10Dear Regular Readers,

I hope this email finds you well. How often do you meet really interesting people, people that you could sit and talk hours with even though it’s a first time meeting. The last time I met such a person was when I met my wife Akiko, other than that I’m struggling to remember the last time. Perhaps some of you meet them all the time and in which case I’m a bit envious because interesting people teach you things and they generally listen to what you have to say and in turn they learn a few things, and tell you as much – the conversation is equally shared, not one sided.

I met an interesting guy yesterday and one today, which is a very rare occurrence for me, two encounters with two interesting people in two days, I have to say I feel blessed, I feel I was destined to meet these people – the Japanese have a word for it – they say Ichi go ichie which literally means destined to meet and destined to either do business together or work together in some capacity – I really do hope so. I suppose the nature of what I do for a living doesn’t always allow for great conversations to take place, mainly because the meetings I have are usually 15-30 minute sales meetings and unfortunately what I’m selling people don’t always want to buy. As follows is a short poem about meeting the two people I’ve just mentioned, so until next week, keep well, and if you happen to meet an interesting person then count yourself very lucky, also make sure you get an email address or a phone number – that’s what I did and it lead to marriage.

Interesting people
I occasionally meet interesting people in the street or in places where I choose to eat, but very rarely do I meet them through my work.
So when I do get the sit down with someone on business to promote and sell my wares and a conversation goes beyond 3 flights of stairs I know that this is a person I could talk with for hours.
Not just about the wind, rain and flowers, but about the hot burning sun, wind, humidity and intermittent showers in Indonesia in the place we both love, but time will not allow and out we both have to bow, but there is always another time as they say.
And then with an exchange of email addresses and other bits of information we say our goodbyes and thank each other for a good conversation, we tell each other how we hope to get together again in the not too distant future for discourse continuation.

The second interesting person I met, I met today, he told me he like English writers and poets such as Ruskin and Wordsworth and English musicians such as Elgar.
He said he’s travelled far, to the birthplaces of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Ruskin, the latter two having connections with the Lake District.
He said he’s yet to travel to Brantwood, but hoped to one day make it there because that was the place Ruskin settled and died in.
He too can stand in the same places as Ruskin did and observe the same flora and fauna from the hillside and pretend for a moment imagine himself is Ruskin.

A poem by Stephen Austwick