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It smells!

Dear All,

I trust this email finds you well. Sadly, this will be the last newsletter that is created with my graphic designer, Melissa, at the helm overseeing the content, design and layout. Most weeks the wallpaper that she created seemed to get the most clicks, actually the only click in some cases, so her departure may just allow my blog to now get a look-in. Melissa has decided to […]

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A marrow in the making

Dear all,

Welcome to yet another edition of our long and regular running newsletter and I hope it finds you well. Have you ever seen a zucchini this size before? In England we generally refer to these as marrows. There is no difference between a marrow and a zucchini, zucchini are small marrows and marrows are just big zucchini – it all depends on when they are harvested. I’ve never seen a marrow or […]

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Christmas and New Year’s Food

Dear Readers,

I wish you all the very best for the year ahead and I hope it is a truly magnificent one for you all.

What did I get up to? Well, my Christmas and New Year holidays were not that great, unfortunately I came down with a really bad cold and I couldn’t shake it off, I tried everything from neck and shoulder massages to rubbing VapoRub onto my chest […]

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Alphabendi English Classes in 八幡

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