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And then I found out it hadn’t been a dream ………

And then I found out it hadn’t been a dream ………


At the bus stop this morning I was stood next to an unusual looking man that couldn’t stop yawning.

He made a point of cupping his hands around his mouth to amplify the sounds that he directed north, east, west and south.

He wasn’t very well dressed and his hair was a lank greasy mess, it was all over the place, as it was a bit windy it kept blowing into his face.

He didn’t seem perturbed by this he just kept yawning and making the most awful sounds whilst pushing his hair back into its place.

His lace up shoes were a disgrace, unpolished with the backs all split and broken down, they were well weathered, leather and brown.

When he rose onto the tips of his toes to belt out the sounds of his yawns to all and sundry his heels lifted out of his shoes and I noticed the heels of his socks were thread bear.

There was also a tear under the arm of his sport’s jacket and what appeared to be a brown sauce stain on his shirt and under his fingernails was dirt.

This man obviously didn’t care about his appearance or the fact that he was getting on the nerves of most of the people standing waiting for the bus.

Then all of a sudden a tall thin unassuming man who had been standing at the front of the queue approached the yawning man and told him to stop making a nuisance of himself or else he would stop him with force.

Of course, not wanting to be knocked to the ground, the yawning man then stopped his antics.

And then the bus we had all patiently been waiting for came into view, it arrived, it stopped, we all got on it and we paid our dues.

Standing on the bus my feet felt strangely tight and I looked down at my shoes which bizarrely were not mine but those of the yawning man.

I then looked around to find the yawning man to see if he had my shoes on his feet, but he was not on the bus, he had been left standing on the street.

Looking through the back window of the bus I couldn’t see what he had on his plates of meat, so I then took a seat and looked down in amazement at my feet.

All the way to my stop I tried to imagine how he’d managed to take my shoes off my feet, I thought it must have been a feat of magic that he’d performed.

And then it all came to an abrupt end, the ringing of my alarm clock in my ear woke me up from what seemed to be a dream, but things are not always what they seem.

As I usually keep my shoes at the foot of my bed I thought I’d check to see if they were still of the slip on variety, made of leather and the colour was red.

But instead they were lace ups, brown leather, all weathered with backs broken down and on the inside the left shoe there was a note that read:

“Thank you for giving me the shoes off your feet, although I would have preferred the shirt off your back, you believe you were in a dream because that’s how I made it seem, but it wasn’t because you have my shoes to prove it at the foot of your bed.

A nonsense poem by Stephen Austwick.     

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They think it’s all over…


I sat down to watch the BBC news this morning at 6 o’clock as I usually do.

The first headline was about Bournemouth and the second was about Liverpool.

I was shocked to see video footage of thousands of holiday makers enjoying themselves on a very crowded beach.

Such behaviour spitting in the eye of our saviour; no better or worse than a thief wiping it from his eye with an infected handkerchief.

Then, on to the screen came video footage of groups of passionate Liverpool fans, some having imbibed alcohol,

jumping up and down outside Anfield stadium celebrating their team’s league title success.

Not one person seemingly looking to care less about the possibility of catching or spreading Corona virus.

All caught up in the moment with Corona at the back of their minds making them vulnerable, more or less.

Ordinarily, these are two very different news stories, but because of the times they have a commonality.

In both cases I could see no masks on faces and no social distancing taking place.

Too many people and not enough space on the beach to put any more distance between bodies other than an arm’s reach.

But how can these people learn the lessons that will keep themselves and other safe when the teachers that should be teaching them cannot teach.

When teaching something new, in my mind there needs to be a connection with the old, some consolidation and plenty of review.

Unfortunately, these people we call our leaders cannot teach the masses, they can only preach because they are themselves in need of taking some

classes to learn how to understand their own points of view.

I found it interesting, but not suprizing that the Bournemouth story focused of irresponsibility whilst the Liverpool story seemed to more focus on acceptability.

I feel both news stories clearly show an equal lack of awareness, common sense and responsibility and both stories should have been reported in such a manner, but they weren’t.

For some reason, the team on top of the premiership at the end of the football season were not subjected to any negative comments at all about the lessons their fans clearly have not learnt.

Just because a soccer team wins a league championship doesn’t mean the rules do not apply, but it felt that way and that’s why things will not improve if this is how we continue to perform.

The Corona virus has never been allowed to go away, it’s still with us and Liverpool won’t be celebrating any more league premiership wins if we don’t all quickly learn to conform.



A reflective poem by Stephen Austwick.

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Natsukashi!! _邦楽ヒット_







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Read ’em:父の日の日食、宇宙空間からも観測

<h3>英語:“Astronauts are spending Father’s Day in space watching the solar eclipse”</h3>
For a couple of astronaut dads spending Father’s Day away from their families, the celebration is happening hundreds of miles away from Earth. This year it doesn’t include cards or gifts — but some insane views.
“Super cool view of the Annular Solar Eclipse which passed by our starboard side as we flew over China this morning around 07:10 GMT,” NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy said on Facebook. “A pretty neat way to wake up on Father’s Day morning! Hoping all of the dads in the world have a wonderful day!”
Lucky stargazers in the Eastern Hemisphere were able to see the annular solar eclipse on the heels of the summer solstice on Sunday. This type of eclipse is characterized by its stunning “ring of fire,” since it’s not a total eclipse and the edges of the sun can still be seen around the moon.
The event occurs as the moon passes in front of the sun, covering the sun’s center and leaving a blazing ring of light around the moon’s silhouette.
The annular eclipse began at 12:47 a.m. ET on June 21 and crossed a skinny path that started in Africa and eventually moved to China before ending at sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
Copyright 2020 Cable News Network.
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<h3>日本語:“父の日の日食、宇宙空間からも観測 地球上に影”
Copyright 2020 Cable News Network.
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Water on the knee

Water on the knee


I’ve got water on the knee and it’s not very pleasant believe you me.
It was known to mainly affect housemaids back in the day when they used to scrub and blacken floors by hand for hours on end.
Carpet fitters too have always suffered due to the fact they also spend a lot of time on their knees.
Athletes and martial artists don’t come off very well either and neither do plumbers who often find themselves kneeling on hard floors.

In my case, it was over a year ago, I was in the UK, it was a warm sunny day and perfect weather for pulling out a few garden weeds.
Now, I’ve always been one for pulling out weeds, but never one for protecting my knees, I’ve always just knelt down wherever I’ve pleased and stayed there for as long as the job at hand takes.
My memories of kneeling down on the hard ground standing up to stretch only when my knees started to ache or if I was forced to take a break to drink the cup of tea and the piece of Victoria sponge cake kindly brought out to me on a plate by my mother will stay with me for the rest of my life.

On the day in question, as I gradually made my way from one flagstone to the next, I unfortunately knelt on a stone, a small sharp one that saw me grimace with pain as the weight I’ve gained over the years allowed the stone to make a deeper impression that it normally would have done.
After the initial shock I took stock of myself and touched my knee to see how it felt, I then knelt back on the ground and thankfully found that no damage had been done, at least that’s what I thought, and I carried on.

It was a couple of weeks later when the run-in I’d had with the stone rolled back to haunt me, as I stood getting wet during my usual quarter of an hour in the shower, I happened to glance down to dispense some shampoo as I normally do and then my knee caught my eye or my eye caught my knee.
And all could see was a red swollen mass that once resembled my knee, I then sat down on the edge of the bath, put my two knees together and compared one with the other, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did neither.

It was like comparing a much younger sister with her very old brother or a very young daughter with her already menopausal mother, the difference was that stark.
I stared at the knee for longer than I care to remember before I finally reached down and I attempted to take it all into the palm of my hand, but it wouldn’t fit, it was too bulbous and round from being full of synovial fluid.

I gingerly pushed my finger into the swollen red soft mass that once resembled a half decent knee cap and the more pressure I applied the deeper my finger went in until the top part of my finger was not visible any more.
I even knelt down on the bathroom floor in the hope the pressure may return the fluid back to where it came, but it just made it worse, together with the poking and prodding my knee felt sore and like it was ready to burst.

I felt stupid and disappointed in myself for not taking better care of my health, my mind wandered back to the UK and that stone on the ground that found its way under my knee.
Oh, how I wished I’d worn knee pads on that ill-fated day, but after the event that’s what most of us tend to say; some of us vow to take necessary measures so it won’t happen again, but such vows generally have short lives, they die waiting to quickly be born again through mishaps and misfortune normally borne through throwing caution to the wind.
If only I’d taken precautions rather than putting myself at risk, I would to this very day still have two good knees instead of the one less I have to rely on.

A poem by Stephen Austwick.

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Natsukashi!! _女子高生_













皆様はどの位覚えていましたか? 教え子達の世代! 私もそうだった!! などなど懐かしんで頂ければ幸いです。



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Read ’em:Government panel calls for revealing cyberbullies’ names, phone numbers

<h3>英語:“Government panel calls for revealing cyberbullies’ names, phone numbers”</h3>
A government panel agreed June 4 that victims of cyberbullying should have the right to ask website and social media operators as well as internet service providers to disclose names and phone numbers of people who make defamatory posts.
But while the communications ministry panel also called for discussions on how to ease conditions for the release of information leading to the identification of anonymous users posting defamatory comments, some members expressed concern that doing so could infringe on people’s freedom of expression.
The government has been seeking to bolster measures to counter online abuse, particularly after the death last month of Hana Kimura, a cast member of the popular Netflix reality show Terrace House who was subjected to a barrage of hateful messages on social media.
Under the current law, people in general must go through multiple court proceedings before they can identify individuals who make hateful posts against them, and many give up.
Copyright The Japan Times, Ltd.
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Copyright The Japan Times, Ltd.
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>原文を読む≫</a>
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