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Sagan Speak Language Education Support Services has been established since July 1992. Presented below is a digested history of how Sagan Speak company originally started and how it has developed since its establishment. After 18 years of almost full time commitment, continuous hard work and creative development in helping to build Sagan Speak, it is now one of the leading companies involved in providing human resource and associated language education support services to private elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, vocational colleges and universities in greater Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

The main part of our business through Sagan Speak is still human resource supply and after-care management, as well as some educational support to our client schools as and when they require it. Through a new products design and development division that was started a couple of years ago called Alphabendi, we have been able to focus more of our attention and energy on language education support system design and development, this has been an area of great interest to us for a very long time. Alphabendi is a division of Sagan Speak that is responsible for Communicengineering or building these language education support systems packages using the “Link in system” teaching and learning approach. The Link in language education support system idea was first developed some years ago and through research and development over the years the system has evolved quite considerably. We are actively promoting the complete “Link in system teaching and learning ” approach as being the best approach to take for teaching and learning English, particularly inside native teacher time constrained environments that exist in countries such as Japan.


Inside Alphabendi we are currently further developing the teaching, learning and testing components that make up the Link in System; we are especially looking at ways to develop “Link in Systems” that can be designed, engineered and built to work effectively inside teaching and learning environments that are less time constrained such as in countries like China, India, the Phillipines and other countries in Asia. We have just finished developing and testing a system for Japanese senior high school students wanting to improve their English writing skills. This system is called the Writin’ Centre and at the present time this system is designed specifically to help students prepare for and pass English competency tests to gain entry into top universities in Japan. It is important to note that the base design used to create the Writin’ Centre came from the experimental work already done inside the Link in system. It is our hope that in the future the “Link in system” approach to teaching and learning language will be the standard approach that elementary schools and junior and senior high schools throughout Japan and other parts of the world will adopt.

It is important to mention that over the years our mistakes, our low points/failures and our high points/successes have greatly helped to shape the company we are today. We feel confident that we have a clear company ideology and company identity which we hope will continue to serve us well as we move into the next 18 years of working and developing our product in Japan. We are constantly working to develop even better Link in education support systems based on the data we collect from ongoing research and development. We are continually striving to create teaching and learning environments for teachers and learners that are familiar, friendly, functional and productive, which in reality is not so easy to achieve. We feel that through the development and function of the Link in system we are able to provide the necessary catalyst which will in time allow such environments to be created on a wide scale inside both public and private school education.

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