Most people in certain countries wear one,
whereas less people in other certain countries don’t.
There’s more of a reason than ever for everybody to wear a mask,
but no matter how much they are told to do so some just won’t.
Most people in other countries struggle to put one on even when they’re told it’ll save lives and prevent death.
These same people don’t like being told to follow rules,
especially when the […]

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Tomorrow is another day

Today is the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.
Today is in the middle of the past and future.
The weather isn’t very pleasant today, it was less so yesterday, but it’ll be more so tomorrow.
It’s cold and dreary and like me, old and bleary eyed, more truths told than lied.
The world is full of trouble, the ruins and the ruble of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s wars.
Wars created by […]

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My favourite place to be

My favourite place to be is not sitting under a tree, but trees are there.
My garden is where I feel most content outside of my family tent, this is where much of my spare time is spent.
I look forward to the solitude it provides as it reminds me of who I really am and what I should never have been.
I can reflect on things loved, lost, and won and […]

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