Read ’em:米でマスク義務化をめぐり攻防

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Natsukashi!! _ あのキャラクター _

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A sign from heaven

A sign from heaven
It was the day after my father’s death that a bird flew in through the garage door and perched itself near to where I was working.
To try to take my mind off my father’s passing I was busying myself with something mechanical as I often did when he was living.
I was surprised, mesmerized even, it was as if any minute this bird looking at me with […]

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Stephen’s blog

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Natsukashi!! _ テレビドラマ _

参照 : 年代流行

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Read ’em:3姉妹が同日にそれぞれ子どもを出産

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Natsukashi!! _ゲーム_


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Read ’em:シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユが破綻

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They’re made of leather, plastic, canvas, wood, polymers and rubber.
They have a heel, a sole, a tongue and an upper.
Some have steel toe caps to protect those whose jobs require it.
Some slip on and others need to be tied on with laces.
Some are made for evenings out and some are made to take you to far off places.
Some are made for biking and hiking and some for ballet and […]

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