Getting back to Goole

Dear Reader’s,

I trust this edition of our newsletter finds you well. I’ve just returned from my very short trip to my hometown of Goole in the UK so I’m still a bit jet lagged. I’m pleased to say though that after spending a tad over 3 months in Japan my mum is now settled back in her 3 bedroom semi-detached bungalow. She’s back to cooking for herself and doing […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル2 Unit 10: Ian wants to join a band.

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Bangers and mash

Dear Readers,

I hope my weekly contribution to our newsletter finds you all well. Apologies for this short and sweet entry, but I need to leave the office very soon to go home and get ready for an airplane journey. I will be travelling back to the UK tomorrow to take my mum back to her home in Goole, for those that don’t know where Goole is, it’s in the […]

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Read ’em: 14歳の少女が考えたネットいじめを激減させる方法

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル2 Unit 9: Erica became a doctor last year.

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Read ’em:「ときめく片づけの魔法」世界的ブーム

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル2 Unit 8: When I got up,it was snowing.

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Learning a thing or two about Italian wine

Dear all,

As always, I hope this week’s edition of our newsletter finds you all in good health and good spirits and ready to do something interesting on the weekend ahead.

Speaking of good spirits, I recently found out something interesting about what I like to drink quite a lot of that generally puts me in very good spirits which is wine. I really like wine, particularly Italian red wine, however, […]

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Remembering 11th March, 2011

Dear All,

I hope this Friday’s edition of our newsletter finds you in impeccably good form. March 11th will mark 4 years since the earthquake in the Tohoku region of Japan took place. On March 11th I, along with others I work with, will have a moment of silence to remember all those that died during the massive earthquake and ensuing tidal wave (Tsunami). A total of 20,000 people living […]

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