Luis Suarez

Dear all,

I hope this edition of our newsletter find you well. The football is still with us and I’m enjoying every minute of the games I’m managing to catch. One or two silly things have happened during the tournament, some red cards have been given, but that’s to be expected, it’s what makes the event that much more interesting. One silly thing in particular was […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑬ Unit 3: I am American.

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Ice cream and cup cakes

Hello to one and all out there that regularly or irregularly check out our newletter and blog, and I hope this edition finds you all in good spirits. As I mentioned last week, the World Cup is in town, well it’s on TV and in my living room, more or less the same thing as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, so far I’ve not managed to watch that many […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑫ Unit 2: This is Mary.

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2014 World Cup

Dear All,

I hope this edition of our newsletter finds you all well.

Well, the 2014 World Cup soccer competition has just started and if like me you’re a big soccer fan you’re in for a solid month of soccer entertainment on TV. The only problem of course is that the time difference between Brazil and other parts of the world sometimes makes watching the games a bit difficult – Japan […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑪ Unit 1: Hi, my name’s Dave.


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