Untieing the knots and separating the i’s from the dots

Me: Coming to you live from the offices of Sagan Speak and Alphabendi is another edition of our, ……… it begins with N , our ……… ? You: Newsletter. Me: Correct. You: Why the boxingesque opening this week? Me: Boxingesque, I like that word. Well, I always pretty much write the same opening and I just thought I would try to freshen things up a bit. You: That you […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑨ Intro Unit 8: I like curry. I don’t like ramen.

Alphabendi English Classes in 八幡

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Boot soles first

Dear Readers,

I hope this edition of our newsletter finds you all well. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this week and when Melissa asked me what picture I had in mind for her to draw to accompany my usual bit of odd and quirky poetry I thought about featuring one of her paintings again. She loves to draw and paint and […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑧ Intro Unit 7: Review & Expansion

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No rain, no sweat, no get

Dear Perennial Perusers and Sporadic scourers,

I hope this week’s newsletter/blog finds you with energy in abundance and spirits as high as something that is quite tall.

What’s new with me? Well, I haven’t been feeling on top of my game of late, probably because of the odd weather we’ve been having recently. Aches and pains in areas where I usually don’t get them and generally feeling a bit off my […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル⑦ Intro Unit 7: I have a pen. I don’t have an eraser.

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