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Hi to all out there that regulary or occasionally drop in and browse our newsletter, and I hope this edition finds you all very much alive and kicking. It’s 18:02 and Melissa is busy knocking together one of her quirky little drawings to accompany something I want to get off my chest and call poetry. Time is very much of the essence, so I will get straight into this […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル④ Intro Unit 5: Review and Expansion

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Read em: 宇宙を身近にする「Space Kit」

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Stephen’s Blog


I hope this week’s edition of our newsletter finds you all well. I have to say it’s cold and dreary today in Tokyo, we’ve been enjoying some very pleasant weather of late, but today feels like we’ve headed back to winter, rain an’ all brrrrrrr.

I think you’ll find something in this week’s your one or two stories to interest you, if not, there’s always the one or two verses […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル③ Intro Unit 5: I’m 12 years old

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Read ’em : ソーシャルメディアで就職成功

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The wreaking ranker

Hello to you all out there and I hope this edition of our newsletter finds you well. I would like to launch straight into a bit of poetry which is based on one or two things that have been happening to me of late, some rather unpleasant things that I really wanted to get out of my system, and because the pen is supposed to be mightier than the […]

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プチ英語リスニングサンプル② Intro Unit 4 Review & Expansion

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Read ’em: 未来の地下鉄


英語:The future of public transport? Map reveals how the entire WORLD could be connected using a global underground network

Train route maps need to be easy to understand because a lot of people need to know where to change trains or what time their train arrives and they need that information as fast as possible.

One imaginary subway map, made with the largest scale in the world, has become a hot […]

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