I’m a passionfruit

Dear Readers,

I trust this week’s edition of our sort of long running weekly newsletter finds you all lively and well. I had every intention of posting a cute little poem that my daughter wrote at school this last week, but as I don’t have a lot of time to explain the story behind how the poem came to be I think I’ll leave it until next week. […]

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Travelin' English 49: At The Airport 1

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Read ’em: 英観光庁から外国人対応 dos & don’ts


英語:Don’t call Canadians ‘American’ or smile at the French, British hoteliers told
(CNN) — Clairvoyance and a poker face are among the qualities British hotelkeepers should cultivate when dealing with foreign guests, according to a guide issued by the country’s tourism body.”Anticipate all of the needs of a Japanese visitor” but avoid “exchanging a smile or making eye contact with anyone from France you don’t know” are among a list […]

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I’m a real lemon

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter and I hope it finds you all fit and well.

After reading my last over fried and oily attempt at trying to write one or two verses of poetry about one of my favourite types of food, Tempura, I thought I would head back to basics and try something a little more in line with what I prefer doing which is thinking […]

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Travelin' English 48: On The Plane 3

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Read ’em : 「健康な食事」世界ランキング


英語:Netherlands is country with most plentiful, healthy food: Oxfam

(Reuters) – The Netherlands nudged past France and Switzerland as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food, while the United States and Japan failed to make it into the top 20, a new ranking released by Oxfam on Tuesday showed. Chad came in last on the list of 125 nations, behind Ethiopia and Angola, in the food index […]

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The Tempura Man

Hi to you all out there and welcome to yet another edition of our newsletter. I hope this week’s edition finds you all fighting fit, albeit feeling a bit colder than usual, well we are in the coldest month of the year and so far we’ve been quite fortunate not to have snow in Tokyo. Fortunate, would obviously not be as my two young children would see […]

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Travelin' English 47 : On The Plane 2

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Read ’em : 写真でタイムトラベル


英語:Photographer Travels Through Time By Inserting Herself Into Her Childhood Photos

London-based Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka explores the harsh truth of time lapse in her highly nostalgic and heartwarming series “Imagine Finding Me”. Otsuka took old photos from her childhood and adolescence and put pictures of her present self in them, creating bittersweet double self-portraits. The work was done marvelously well. The two figures seems so natural being together in cool […]

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Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome back to our newsletter, it’s been a while and here we are in 2014! I hope all our readers out there are fit and well and looking forward to this year. I also hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday. In my experience, New Year in Japan means good food, time with family, shopping and New Years postcards; things that I find necessary […]

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