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Hi to all out there that read our weekly offering of information tidbits and poetic prose, yup, it’s that time time again to hit you all with our weekly newsletter.

Kids say and do some of the wierdest things sometimes, and my two little sprogs are no exception. Take my daughter for instance, last Sunday my daughter spent the day with her gradnparents, my wife’s mum and dad, which meant […]

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Travelin' English 42 : At A Fish n' Chip Shop

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Read 'em : キャラメルとポップコーン, 感謝祭前に命拾い


英語:Turkeys avoid Thanksgiving fate with U.S. presidential pardon

(Reuters) – Taking a break from weighty matters of state and pitched battles with political foes, President Barack Obama exercised the lighter side of his authority Wednesday by sparing two magnificent turkeys the fate of becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. “The office of the presidency, the most powerful position in the world, brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities,” he said as […]

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Travelin' English 41: At A Flea Market

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Hello to all our faithful readers out there, and welcome to yet another fact and fiction packed edition of our weekly newsletter, the only newsletter out there that’s worth a serious read. Yes, it’s fair to say that our newsletter is rich enough in content, but it’s incontently sitting on the poverty line when it comes to readership, oh well! – but what we do is for you […]

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Read 'em: 勝手に回転する石像


英語:Solved: the riddle of the rotating Egyptian statue

(Reuters) – For months, curators at a British museum had been wondering how an ancient Egyptian statue in a sealed display cabinet had been able to rotate on its glass shelf, seemingly of its own free will. Rumors abounded that it was cursed by an Egyptian god, or that the spirit of its owner had entered the figurine, causing it to shudder. […]

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A shoddy body of work

I hope this edition of our newsletter finds you well. Not a lot to regale you with this week, a rather uneventful week has been had so far by yours truly. Oh, just one thing that comes to mind, whilst it’s still fresh in there, the other day I had one of my kids, actually my daughter, come up to me and say “Daddy, why is it […]

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Travelin' English 40 : In The Hotel

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Read 'em: 130トンのキムチ作り



[ソウル 13日 ロイター] -韓国の首都ソウルで13日、約3000人が集まってキムチ130トンを漬けるチャリティーイベントが行われた。同じ場所でキムチを漬ける最多人数としてギネス世界記録に申請するという。イベントは韓国ヤクルトとソウル市による共催。ヤクルトから女性約1500人、市民ボランティア約1500人が参加した。同社の広報担当ディレクター、JeongYong-chan氏は「3000人で130トンのキムチを作り、親のいない子どもや独り暮らしの高齢者など1万3000人に届ける計画だ」と述べた。ボランティアからも、キムチ作りを通じて困っている人たちを助けるイベントに参加できてうれしいとの声が聞かれた。ギネス世界記録として認定されるかどうかはまだ分かっていない。


英語:Tons of kimchi for Korean winter

One giant kimchi party in Seoul. Three thousand people gathered to make 130 tonnes of the Korean classic of fermented, spicy cabbage. The charity event provides valuable nutrition for needy South Koreans over the winter months. Drew Lad, Indian-Canadian participant, saying in English: “Kimchi is very healthy, very good for you. Eat it with almost everything you can eat, any meal. It’s really […]

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Cooked in the pan

Hello to all our regular newsletter recipients and those of you out there that bump into us when surfing around on the net looking for a bit of inspiration – I’m not sure how inspiring this week’s edition will be, but Melissa, my colleague, and I will do our darndest to inspire.

What’s new with you?, What’s old with you? How the heck are you? Any axes to grind? […]

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