Spots and Leopards

Frantic and sweating all over the place I finally reached my home and waiting for me with the door already open was Emma and her friend Mayu. I got through the door and found Oliver quietly lying on the floor with his head resting on a cushion and an ice pack on his forehead looking up at the ceiling. Apart from looking a bit pale from the […]

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Travelin' English 33 : Dormitory Stay 10

今週は 【Travelin’ English 33: Dormitory Stay 10】、無料リスニングサンプルをご紹介いたします。 5つのパートに分けて、リスニングの練習としてお使い下さい。

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Read 'em : ホームレス男性の正直さ


英語:Donations pour in for homeless man who returned backpack with $42,000 (€31,000) inside

Cheques are pouring in from across America in a bid to raise enough money to buy a homeless man his own house, after he handed in a bag containing $42,000 (€31,000) in cash and travellers cheques. Glen James could soon have enough cash to purchase his own home after his honest act inspired a stranger with no […]

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A Short Poem

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of our weekly newsletter, and I hope this one finds you all fit and well. Touch wood, I am happy to say that so far this week my kids have managed not to give me any scares in regards to potentially getting kidnapped or falling down stairs and cracking their heads open. I didn’t have time to finish my […]

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Travelin' English 32: Dormitory Stay 9

今週は 【Travelin’ English 32: Dormitory Stay 9】、無料リスニングサンプルをご紹介いたします。 5つのパートに分けて、リスニングの練習としてお使い下さい。

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Read 'em:五輪決定の陰で「2度目の立ち退き」


英語:Tokyo man to lose home to make way for stadium: again

(Reuters) – Kohei Jinno fans out the black and white photos of his family posing proudly in front of their central Tokyo home, a house they were forced to leave ahead of the 1964 Olympic Games to make way for construction of the main stadium. Now Jinno, 79, has to move again. The public housing complex where he and […]

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Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder

Dear Reader’s,

Hello and welcome to another edition of our newsletter, once again, I’d like to thank Melissa, my rather creative and always willing to take a risk graphic designer colleague for putting together lots of interesting newspaper stories for all you lot out there to read, as well as creating some really cute wallpaper designs for you to download and put onto your desktops – as always thank you […]

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Travelin' English 31 : Dormitory Stay 8

今週は 【Travelin’ English 31: Dormitory Stay 8】、無料リスニングサンプルをご紹介いたします。 5つのパートに分けて、リスニングの練習としてお使い下さい。

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Read 'em : 96歳男性からのラブソング


英語:96-year-old man writes love song to late wife

A 96-year old man is making headlines with a song he wrote for his late wife. Fred Stobaugh, whose wife Lorraine died last April, entered a song writing competition in his local city of Peoria, Illinois. Although he didn’t meet the qualifications for the contest, the organizers were so moved by his lyrics that they reached out to him to record his […]

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Corrosive writing

Dear Readers,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. As I am having a few problems thinking about what to write about this week – nothing special has happened to me and I can’t think of anything in the news worth writing about, of course, I’ve got some views on what’s going in the Middle East, haven’t we all, but I’ll keep those to myself for the time being.

I’m […]

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