Waiting to go through a door you hope will not open

Hello and welcome back to our newsletter, it’s been a while and I hope all our regular teacher based readers out there are fit and well and looking forward to the second term of teaching.

Speaking of teaching, here at Sagan Speak and Alphabendi we’re trying to promote teacher training lectures and workshops, and to try to drum up a bit of interest we are offering Japanese English teachers in […]

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Travelin' English 29 : Dormitory Stay 6

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Read 'em : Oxford Dictionary に「えもじ」など新語追加


英語:Phablet, selfie, emoji (and twerking) now in Oxford Dictionaries

The Oxford Dictionaries are leaping into modernity faster than your eyes can see, your fingers can type your phone can grow and your bottom can wiggle. I mention this, bottom awiggle, because news reaches me that “phablet” had now entered the hallowed p(h)ortals of the Oxford Dictionaries. It is one of a number of relatively new words that have sprinted into […]

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