Travelin' English 13: Talking About Hanami 1

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Looking at my daughter teaching my son how to ride his bike

Hello to each and everyone of you out there that regulary logs in and logs on to our blog to check out what we’re up to – thank you for remaining faithful, but if you could just let us know from time to time who you are that would be a real bonus. What’s on the agenda this week? Well, there’s not a fat lot going on in […]

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英語:Lindt loses Easter bunny battle

The Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli has lost a court battle to protect its gold foil-wrapped Easter bunnies from being imitated by a German rival. Lindt, which traces its origin to a Zurich confectionery shop in the 1840s, had been battling Riegelein Confiserie, but Germany’s federal court of justice rejected a final appeal by the Swiss firm on Thursday. “We are very glad this case […]

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Elementary, my dear son

Hello and welcome to another edition of our weekly newsletter. Cherry blossom (Sakura) or Hanami (flower watching) season is upon us yet again, as is student graduation season. At this time of year the old picnic baskets or bento boxes come out filled with all sorts of delectables, some home cooked and some bought, tops are screwed off sake bottles, ring pulls are well pulled off beer […]

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英語:The Landfill Harmonic: An Orchestra Built From Trash
There’s an amazing video floating around YouTube that has brought a ray of sunshine to a very dark week for all of us. It’s the trailer for an upcoming documentary called Landfill Harmonic, which focuses on one remarkable group in Paraguay: an orchestra that plays instruments created out of literal trash, made lovingly for them by their community. The young musicians all […]

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Kids and books

Hello and welcome to my blog contribution to this week’s newsletter, and I hope it finds you all bushy in the tail and fit and healthy in mind and body.

I very often feel that putting together a newsletter every week and sending it out on Fridays at pretty much the same time is a bit of a tall order, especially when there are always far more important things that […]

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英語:Mami Koide, Mom, Turns Sleeping Baby Into Art

You’re supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, but Mami Koide, a mom and cartoonist from Tokyo, Japan clearly has other ideas. When her daughter Nuno goes down, she gets creative, using everyday items — clothes, vegetables, hangers — to stage photographs of what she thinks her infant is dreaming about. The series began as a way to update Nuno’s dad about […]

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Travelin' English 12: Taking A Photograph 2

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The weather's changed

Hello and welcome to yet another weekly blog entry, a rushed one this week. Not a lot to talk about apart from ther weather’s getter a bit warmer and people around and about are acting and looking a bit brighter as a consequence which is welcoming – particularly here in Japan, where people don’t have too much to feel happy about because the economy is still in a […]

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Travelin' English 11: Taking A Photograph 1