Shitie for shortie (It’s an abbreviation, it’s not meant as an evaluation)

Hi to all of you out there yet again. What a wreaker of a week it’s been, don’t worry I’m not going to start on a journey down toilet humour avenue, but seriously folks, for a whole number of reasons it’s been a week that I quickly want to forget. We all have such weeks,
that’s a fact, and we’ll continue to have them from time to time, we have […]

The everything about the something I know nothing about

Hi to all and everyone of you out there that is regularly dropping in and browsing over and trying to read the loosely constructed pieces of text that I am constantly trying to pass off as half decent sentences. Which I then further try to join together to create paragraphs, and if I manage to get them to that stage, they usually then have a tendency to wander off […]

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Will it or won’t it?

Hello to all out there that read this newsletter/blog or whatever you want to call it, and very Happy New Year to you all.  I hope 2012 is kind to you all and you all pass through it unscathed, one more year of life to look forward to living, I hope that at the end of it we are all better somehow for having been through it.  I think […]

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