Wheeling forward into the past

Wheeling forward into the past

The passing stare that is wheeled onwards.
Slowed only by the glance of a time awoken.
On an aged, but pleasant face.

The gasp of not too many more breaths remaining and a flutter of the heart.
At the sight of a memory still prevailing.
I looked back and for a moment we were together as one.
In her time, my time, and in the time already thought of, lived in, […]

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Hiroshima continued and concluded

Hi to you all out there yet again. I received one or two comments recently on the design of our blog, and I would just like to thank those people that commented positively. This is the last newsletter for a while, Christmas is quickly approaching and company holidays will be beginning soon. We will be back in January with more tales to tell and pieces of […]

Hiroshima (Part 5) Hiroshimayaki

Hi yet again to all of you out there that are tuning in to whatever sentences transpire from here on in and and get joined together to create this read. I think I’d better get back to finishing off my Hiroshima story sharpish, otherwise, knowing me, I’ll be off on a tangent talking about something else that will prevent me from doing what I need to do.

So finally […]

Hiroshima (Part 4)

Back to Onomichi …………… One of the reasons people visit Hiroshima is because of the food; I mentioned this as one of my reasons to visit there in an earlier installment of this story, but it’s absolutely true, the Hiroshimayaki or Okonomiyaki is to die for providing you go to the right place. Read More...
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