Hiroshima (Part 3)

Hi to you all yet again, has the week really disappeared so quickly? National holidays, we’ve just had one in Japan, really throw me off, I like them, as I’m sure others do, we’d be daft not to because it’s a great reason to spend some quality time with the family, but to be honest my work suffers, I lose my rhythm and it throws me right off. […]

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Capturing Chapters

Hi and I hope the following collection of words, or should I say an inebriated meandering interpretation of words that sort of make up sentences that more often than not represent little more than a stumbling through in the English language, finds you well. I do not have a lot of time today, so rather than rush through and do a half arsed job of continuing on and completing […]

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Hiroshima (Part 2)

Dear Readers,Hi to you all out there and I hope this fresh newsletter installment finds you fit and well, and ready to let all that proverbial hair down (that’s if you’re still fortunate enough to still be a member of the “I feel some resistance when I run my fingers over the top of my head club”) and unleash yourselves upon the forthcoming weekend – Grrrr…. nasty!!.
I didn’t quite […]

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Humans never learn

Hello again to you all out there.  I hope that this short newsletter installment finds you all very much alive and kicking, and like me, waiting for the weighty economic wheel of fortune to turn.  Maybe I should rephrase that and say, be turned by one or several certain individuals in one of the many developed countries that we all entrust our livelihoods to, whom at this very moment […]

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