Dear readers,
Well, I’ve managed to survive another week by the looks of it, still a day or so to go, so I’d better not tempt the four letter word beginning with f and ending with e by saying any more, and I hope you are all fighting fit out there, too.  I actually received a few comments the last time I begged for them, and to those people that […]

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Dum Dumb Dumb

Hi to you all out there in whichever part of the world you happen to be hanging your hat in.  I don’t have much of anything new to talk about, work, family, work and more work – a regular, but sort of fulfilling week for me in a funny sort of way.

I have a short poem that I would like to share with you , I hope that you […]

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Case of the Missing Kickboard (Part Two)

Hi to you all out there, is there really anybody out there????  I’m beginning to wonder –will somebody please leave a comment, anything is okay, let me rephrase that just to cover all bases, anything okay – at least let us know that what we are doing is worth something – most newsletters go out twice a month or once a month – with us it’s every week – […]

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A leader worth a follow

Dear all,
It is a rather sad day because as many of you already know Steve jobs has passed away.  The great innovator of all things digital was no longer able to stay with us, well maybe not physically, but I am sure he will continue to play a part in most peoples’ lives through the many great inventions he has introduced into modern day society. I am personally not […]

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Case of the Missing Kickboard (Part One)

Hi yet again to all of you Sagan Speak newsletter browsers, checker outer’s and those avid readers (they must exist out there) and I hope all is ticking over nicely at whatever end of the spectrum you’re bathing at.

As for me, well, nothing interesting ever really happens to me these days, partly because I don’t go out looking to get into situations that generally do tend to add that […]

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