Making Maybe’s into Definitely’s

Hi to you all out there and I hope all is well at your respective ends. If you get onto your computer and type in bore or procrastinator or boring procrastinator I guarantee my name will pop up at the top of the search engine list.  I don’t really have anything interesting to report; for me it’s basically been a bit of a hum-drum sort of week.
I just couldn’t […]

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The wind painting itself

Hi to you all out there in the land of all things disturbingly digital, eccentrically electrical, terribly technical and for the most part acceptable, but only based on a lack of not knowing or not wanting to know, enter, decidedly dangerous.  What a black and white, in your face sad state of affairs it all is out there, well in my opinion it is.  What is passing an opinion […]

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Hi to you all out there from a very hot, wet and sticky Japan. Since the recent earthquake I think a lot of people are trying to conserve electricity by not putting on air conditioners and other electric appliances and to that, I take off my hat.  Actually, to show some further appreciation, I think I’ll take off a few more items of clothing and perhaps even throw caution […]

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