I'm in Samezu (Part 2)

Hi to you all out there and I hope this short offering of meandering sentences finds you all well, albeit perhaps slightly tired from pulling out your proverbial puddings, but rest assured your contributions will be invaluable to whomever or whatever you made them to.
Here we go again with another week coming to an end and if yours has been as good as mine has so far then I […]

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I’m in Samezu

Hi again and I hope all is well with you, whomever you are and wherever you are. As always, thank you all for visiting and browsing my blog, I’ve noticed that the visits have dried up a bit of late, I haven’t had any comments for a while now, I must be getting boring …… This week I’ll try to redeem myself with something a bit special for you […]

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Dear all,
How’s it going ?  I hope the week so far has been one of professional fulfillment, enjoyment and enlightenment and before you start your minds wandering and thinking about what sort of connotation I am trying to get you to connect into that, forget about it, I’m talking about what you’ve been up to in the good old fashioned workplace.  Although, not to exclude such people that do […]

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Gold, Silver or Bronze?

Hi to you all out there wherever you may be and I hope this small offering finds you fit, healthy and with enough money in your pocket to go out and really enjoy yourself – not that you need a great deal of money to enjoy yourself, but let’s face it, it does help, doesn’t it?
For those of you that live outside of Japan we are heading into a […]

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