Indecision Impairin’ Vision

Hi and I hope you are all fighting fit out there wherever it is you happen to be hanging your coat. Friday has reared its ugly head yet again, reared a bit of a strange word to use particularly when Friday means the start of a two day holiday for most people, but for me it will pretty much always does rear its ugly head. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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English is a funny language

Hi to you all yet again. I hope your week has managed to deliver you into the weekend  with an urge to want to get out and do something and not just fester in bed or lol around in the house with your PJ’s on or stroll aimlessly around with very little on apart from a smile, that’s if you’re a happy person or perhaps a grimace if you […]

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Being Unique by Selling the Ordinary

Hi to you all out there once again and I hope that life is treating you well.
Things are a bit busy in my job at the moment, so please excuse my bit of a limited and patchy offering this week. 
I think I may have touched on this topic before, but the unacceptable levels of quality that people are prepared to accept these days in most any thing is shocking […]

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