Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Hi to you all out there and I hope life is treating you in a more than appropriate manner.  I wasn’t able to knock anything together last week in terms of a newsletter story, I came down with the dreaded “F” word (Flu).  I’m now on the mend a bit, but I’m still carrying a very chesty tickly cough which is certainly putting my throat, stomach and chest muscles through their paces – there you go, […]

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A Minor Bird Rant

Hi to you all out there.  It’s happening a bit earlier this week in terms of putting the old newsletter together and as per usual it’s a last minute thing from yours truly, but I’ll try my best to engage you.

It’s a national holiday tomorrow which is good, great, fantastic news, time to catch up with the family and relax a bit.  I’m not so sure about the relax bit, but being there and giving […]

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Another Eventful Week

Hi to you all out there once again and I hope you’re all in good health and spirits.

I’ve had a pretty eventful week so far, I had my yearly medical (Ningendoku – I think that’s the word for it) at the beginning of the week; I’ve been doing the yearly medical thing every year since I turned forty – I’ve just turned 48 today, so, I’ll take this opportunity to wish myself Many Happy Returns […]

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