Turning the wheels of ideals

Once again, howdy to you all out there. Another week and another weekend rest ahead.  I just noticed on the blog this afternoon, actually one of my staff brought it to my attention, that one or two people are actually reading and commenting on some of the poems I try to put together – to those people I would like to say a great big thank you because your interest in wanting to read more […]

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Blundering Through Poetry

Hi to you all out there and I hope that you’re alive a kicking. By that I hope you’re not just aimlessly swinging your legs from side to side and pretending to kick something that just amounts to air. I hope you’re really getting out there and kicking something that needs a good kicking and by that I mean I hope you’re making worthwhile contributions inside your space and on a regular basis – enough of that […]

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Happy New Year

Hello to you all and a Happy New Year.  In the west the rabbit generally signifies good luck, many people believe that if they carry around a rabbit’s foot they will always be protected and always have good fortune.  In Japan 2011 is the year of the rabbit.  In Japan I believe the rabbit signifies that it is time to think about improving a situation, whilst making sure people are developing personally and professionally, so positive contributions to society […]

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